Wrap Around

Baumer's Wrap-Around cartonners are the ideal solution to pack products in a simple and safe way in wrap-around carton, high tray and display case.

The advanced technology and the dedicated optional systems make these machines suitable for every type of product, including rectangular and oval containers.
Packs are built around products, resulting solid and robust.

Cardboards magazine

Ergonomically positioned at a suitable height for the operator, designed to be convenient and to avoid difficult lifting movements. Possibility to work with cardboards of different thickness.

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Withdrawal and placement cardboard system

This device uses a suction system without pressure for picking up cardboards. It is managed by an intake system and controlled by brushless motors for the maximum control on the cardboards insertion speed.
The advantages are:
Possibility to work cardboards of different thickness
More tolerance on blank planarity
Halved machine pitch
Possibility to work with big formats

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Automatic format changeover

Format changeover allows changing configuration in few seconds. The new format can be selected from the operator panel and the machine automatically sets up for new products.

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Patented system for non-assembled partitions insertion from below

Wrap around machines can be equipped with a system for partitions insertion in order to meet the transport needs. Baumer patented a system for non-assembled partitions insertion from the underside of the machine, which is able to help the cardboards upload operations thanks to a low-level cardboard magazine.
This system use only non-assembled partitions obtaining an important impact with more than 20% saving on raw materials. The system is able to work at high production speed with all kind of products, with no label damage.

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Preformed partition insertion system

The preformed partition system is composed by an easy-to-use loader accessible for the re-fill and a robot that picks up the partition, opens it and inserts it among the bottles at the product speed.

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Big size trays

All wrap-around machines can be equipped with a system for working with pallet 600 x 400 and 800 x 600.The system for working with 1/4 pallets is an extremely flexible tool in case of promotional sales. Its main characteristics are the possibility to stack the packs and the adaptability of the “retail ready” packaging.

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Technical Features

  • Speed: up to 35 cartons per minute

  • Intermittent pack collation with double gates for high production speed

  • Lateral magazine for an easy upload of the cardboards

  • Brushless servomotors

  • Extremely reduced and straightforward maintenance operations

  • Sliding safety guards to guarantee both maximum machine access and production cycle inspection

  • Touch-screen panel with help on-line, production diagram and information on the machine functioning

  • PLC Siemens or Allen Bradley 

Optional Devices

Thee lines can be equipped with:

  • Device for folding the final internal flap

  • Extended cardboards magazine

  • Preformed partition insertion system

  • Patented system for the non-assembled partitions insertion from the underside of the machine

  • Ethernet card for remote assistance and support

  • Automatic format changeover

  • Possibility to pack products in tray only

  • Prearrangement to pack products with shrink-wrpping film in the future

  • 90° infeed system with continuous collation/formation system for rectangular and oval products, and bricks

  • Products stacking system

  • Allen Bradley components

  • System for working with ¼ pallet (400 x 600 mm)



Application solutions

Wrap-Around carton

Low Tray
(no film) 

High Tray
(no film) 

Big Tray