Since 1974, the name BAUMER has been synonymous with integrity and reliability in the production of packaging machines working with both shrink-wrap film and wrap around cartons. BAUMER’s mission and corporate success are based on the desire to fulfil the customer and final user’s goals through the machine’s customisation, the design service and the aftersales assistance H24.

The added value for the client? Reliability, flexibility, easy to use, prompt assistance, savings on human resources and raw materials.


    AUTOMATIC REEL CHANGE & SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE FILM SYSTEM. AUTOMATIC REEL CHANGE & SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE FILM SYSTEM. These patented solutions guarantee several advantages:• Completely Automatic Reel Change without production speed reduction.• No Film Welding required.• Simultaneous double film production.…
    01 Dec 2020
  • The New Baumer's Tray+Film
    The New Baumer's Tray+Film The new Baumer's Tray+Film is ready to hit the ground! Designed to guarantee reliability and money savings. The packaging in Tray + Shrink Film allows significant production savings compared to…
    30 Oct 2020
  • Wrap-Around Europea: Glass Jars
    Wrap-Around Europea: Glass Jars Baumer's Wrap-Around Europea is the ideal solution to pack products in a simple and safe way in wrap-around carton, high tray and display case. Its great formats flexibility allows to…
    26 Oct 2020



Machines with Shrink-Wrapping film, pad and film or tray and film. 

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Wrap Around

Machines with Wrap Around carton.

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Combined Lines

One solution for all kinds of packing.

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