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Smart Packaging Hub WE ARE LIVE!

Smart Packaging Hub is a virtual meeting corner where the end-users of automated packaging machines or lines can discover innovations and talking about specific innovative food & beverage projects with skilled experts, and where joining an exclusive calendar of technological events.The seven companies of the Hub transformed the impossibility of meeting physically at sector exhibitions into a new opportunity of…
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Tray + Film - Ready-to-use bundles

Baumer's Shrinkwrappers are versatile and easy-to-use. Their flexibility makes them suitable for any production requirement. Thanks to the proposed options, it is actually possible to work any type of product with the utmost reliability. Tray + Film Shrinkwrapper is the perfect machine for canned products, as it allows to create perfectly stable and ready-to-use bundles with low energy and raw…
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15th anniversary of our Mexican branch

Today we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our subsidiary in Mexico, established to offer: support, spare parts and services to our American customers 🇲🇽 We would like to thank all our precious collaborators that have helped us to reach this wonderful goal and that every day allow us to offer a service of absolute quality. #thankstoall
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WA VS WA 90° Infeed System ®

WA VS WA 90° Infeed System®, what makes this application so special? First of all, the configuration with 90° Infeed System allows to reduce the size of the machine, thanks to the classic divider elimination and make it suitable for any type of system. In addition to being super-compact, the 90° Infeed System® guarantees great flexibility, in fact it can…
AUTOMATIC REEL CHANGE & SIMULTANEOUS DOUBLE FILM SYSTEM. These patented solutions guarantee several advantages:• Completely Automatic Reel Change without production speed reduction.• No Film Welding required.• Simultaneous double film production. With this system is possible to split the production line working on different products at the same time (same bottle shape is required). A special solution suitable for those businesses…
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The New Baumer's Tray+Film

The new Baumer's Tray+Film is ready to hit the ground! Designed to guarantee reliability and money savings. The packaging in Tray + Shrink Film allows significant production savings compared to using common wrap-around carton. This machine allows a supplement saving thanks to the new Greentech Tunnel which guarantees immediate power and great energy savings.
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Wrap-Around Europea: Glass Jars

Baumer's Wrap-Around Europea is the ideal solution to pack products in a simple and safe way in wrap-around carton, high tray and display case. Its great formats flexibility allows to work with different products like: Oval & Rectangular Bottles, Cluster and Glass Jars ensuring always the highest quality. A super-fast automatic changeover system and a great reliability over the years,…
Wrap-Around Europea advanced technology and dedicated optional systems make this machine suitable for every type of product: cans, cylindrical & rectangular bottles, jars and many more. Wrap Around Europea is designed to adapt to any customer needs, producing always different formats. Its compactness, super flexibility and ease of use allow to create new solutions for the market.
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