One machine only for maximum production flexibility: Baumer’s solution to pack products quickly and safely in film only, on pad, in tray or in wrap around carton. The various packaging options together with compactness and flexibility make these machines very popular.

Automatic products separation system

Non-stop separation system for middle and high speed. Products separation is managed by brushless motors that are automatically regulated in format changeover operations.

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Automatic format changeover

Format changeover allows changing configuration in few seconds. The new format is selected from the operator panel and the machine automatically sets up for new products.

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Automatic reel changeover

This special system allows automatically changing the reel with no film welding, at production speed. Usable both with plain and pre-printed film. With this system it is no longer required lowering the production speed or stopping the machine during film welding.

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Green Tech tunnel

The technical study over the shrinking tunnel brought to important developments that interest mainly the energy consumption reduction. New air flows, advanced insulation systems and stand-by functions that allow lowering the temperature when there is lack of products upstream, led to more than 40% savings compared to traditional systems. The new shrinking tunnels were developed also to optimize the pack's final aesthetics, working in single, double or triple lane. The possibility of temperature and air flow regulation allows obtaining maximum results with any kind of plastic film.

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BM BELT system to work with film only

This system makes Baumer machines even more flexible, offering the customer the possibility to work in film only so to transform the machine into a Shrinkwrapper.

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