Baumer Green Tech

Energy efficiency and savings

The increasing needs for costs reductions and energy efficiency are current key factors for the industrial sector, which is growingly looking to a greener and more sustainable production process. Baumer has developed dedicated solutions in the field of energy and raw materials’ savings to allow obtaining a noticeable reduction of production costs.


Baumer uses specifically dedicated and correctly dimensioned motors that allow saving 3-4% on energy consumption.


The stand-by functions of the hot-melt unit and shrink-wrapping tunnel - the two major consumption elements – make temperature lower when the machine is not producing in order to optimize energy efficiency.


The tunnel resistances guarantee an immediate power and a fast heating of the tunnel air. Moreover, the tunnel insulation remarkably decreases energy consumption.  It is also possible controlling both the temperature and the speed of the air blown on the mesh avoiding any heat waste.


Baumer's patented Automatic double reel™ system allows changing the film reel without operator assistance or attendance, with no film welding and at production speed.
Thanks to this non-stop system, production efficiency dramatically increases since the line is not stopped nor slowed down due to a reel changeover, which is made at production speed and without film welding.
Automatic double reel™ system allows using films with 7% reduced width and 8% reduced thickness thus allowing saving more than 15% on raw materials. Moreover, the film reel is used to its very end, avoiding any waste of film and no box has to be ruled out because of the anaesthetic adhesive stripe resulting from the film-edges soldering.

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