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Baumer guarantees the customer the continuous operation of its lines by restoring the machine’s functions further to failures, giving technical assistance, supplying spare parts and by supporting the activities of preventive maintenance to ensure a qualified assistance to the customer during the whole life of the product. 
In particular, Baumer’s after-sales service offers what follows:

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The machine’s regular maintenance includes a package of activities to grant Baumer machines’ performances and efficiency during their life cycle. The interventions of our professional technicians aim to maintain the machines’ operation and reliability at an agreed in advance price. The technical inspection and the machine’s maintenance serve to grant the maximum efficiency, timely assistance, failures prevention and production continuity.

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Remote assistance

Baumer machines can be equipped – on request – with a remote-assistance service to offer the customer a remote technical support from specialised technicians. Remote assistance actually offers the possibility of suppling timely support for the quick solution of technical failures.

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Spare parts

Baumer has a well-supplied stock of spare parts that are carefully checked before the delivery. Moreover, its international network of partners makes it possible delivering spare parts in the shortest possible time to grant production continuity.

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Baumer offers a range of courses to give the customer’s operators the necessary knowledge and competence to grant the machines’ correct functioning to the highest level of performance and safety. Moreover, Baumer can schedule – on request- custom-made training programs according to the customer’s specific needs to help him fully exploit the purchased technology.

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Baumer engineers are constantly looking for cutting-edge technical solutions to respond to its customers’ needs. Such solution adapt not only to the new machines, but also to the already-existing ones. In this way, also the older lines can be updated with the latest technology. The upgrades packages make Baumer machines’ longevity increase 90% and adapt them to the new production needs, thus allowing the customer to have an always-advanced machine.

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New formats

Baumer machines’ flexibility allows the customer to autonomously create new formats. However, in case the new formats are incompatible with the machine’s settings, Baumer will study –on request- their feasibility. After having received the products’ drawings and the necessary information, Baumer engineers will check the new format’s feasibility and will calculate the estimate costs for the necessary works.

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H24 Assistance

Baumer guarantees H24 assistance in order to solve customers’ problems and needs promptly and efficiently.

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Timeliness, accuracy, and efficiency of the after-sales service are strong points of Baumer brand that are guaranteed by the Company through a world-wide service network.
Offering cooperation that starts from the initial project phase and continues during the machine’s whole life cycle is the promise on which Baumer has built both its own and its customers’ success.

Baumer after-sales service

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