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The new shrinkwrapping tunnel

Baumer has recently launched on the market a new shrinkwrapping tunnel representing a breakthrough compared to the old-generation tunnels thanks to the implementation of some elements.

In particular, the partitions that can be adjusted according to the various formats, the possibility to control the air’s temperature/speed, and the opportunity to determine the permanence time of the pack inside the tunnel are some of the aspects leading to better shrinkwrapping results.

Furthermore, the new tunnel is characterised by straightforward maintenance operations and by technical improvements, such as the quickening of the air-heating time inside the tunnel and the control of the temperature and speed of the air blown on the mesh. 

Finally, the new tunnel is designed to help saving energy. Actually, its installed power is noticeably lower in comparison to the competitors’. Moreover, its insulation and the control of the air fluxes avoid any heat dispersal. Also, the tunnel is equipped with a stand-by function and the the suitable temperature is achieved again in short times.  


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