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Baumer’s latest news is a new concept machine, that is, a wrap-around cartonner equipped with a cutting-edge system to insert special top covers on cans.
Top covers are plastic lids that create multipacks in different configurations. The result is a revolutionary packaging that allows protecting the cans’ top, saving on raw materials, and it also eases the carrying of multipacks thanks to the top covers’ small handles.
The top covers’ insertion system is specially designed to meet the needs of the Scottish brewery Brewdog. The system is made of a three-arms magazine that picks the covers and places them on the inserting unit located over the collation area. The resulting multipacks are then conveyed towards the carton-wrapping area.  
This special system can be used both on wrap-around machines - to pack cans in wrap around carton or in tray only - and on shrinkwrapping machines. By excluding the system for the top covers’ application, it is also possible packing loose products.


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