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BAUMER has recently delivered to Coca Cola – Nederland the new Traypacker 1000, specially designed to produce big-size trays such as ½ industrial pallet (1000x600 mm), ½ Euro pallet (800X600 mm) and ¼ Euro pallet (600X400 mm).

Traypacker 1000 not only packs loose products, but also bipacks, four-packs, six-packs, etc... Moreover, it can produce in quincunx collation, thus allowing optimising the space and inserting a higher number of bottles in trays. Furthermore, the machine can be equipped with the device to work in film only to offer even more flexibility.

The type of packaging proposed by Traypacker 1000 is innovative and convenient; trays can be exposed directly in the store, thus making products’ displaying faster and easier, and even customers are eased in the choice and purchasing of products. Moreover, trays are made of a recyclable material and can be personalized with the customer’s logo, slogan, and corporate colours.   

Traypacker 1000 also offers other advantages.  

Firstly, the packaging process is very reliable: the machine conveys bottles at a constant speed towards the collation area and places them on trays fed from below. Trays are then closed in continuous on the four sides.

Moreover, Traypacker 1000 is user-friendly and easily accessible, which facilitates both the size-changeover and the maintenance and cleaning operations.  

Finally, the machine’s compact dimensions make it suitable for the installation also in reduced spaces.


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