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Compact, flexible, versatile: it is the  Combinata machine equipped with BM Belt™, that is, Baumer patent to pack products both in film only and in wrap around carton with one machine only. 

Baumer recently delivered a Combinata model Flex equipped with BM Belt™ to the Hungarian winery Kiss és Társai, which has chosen this system’s practicality together with the quality of a Baumer machine to pack its products in film only and in wrap around carton. BM Belt™ is a revolutionary motorized belt integrated in the system. It automatically positions on the carton-conveying unit at each format changeover thus allowing to pass from wrap around to film and vice versa in a short time. Moreover, BM Belt™ is completely managed from the operator panel and requires no adjustment. Quick and operational, this system considerably simplifies the work of Baumer customers in terms of savings: space saving, as it allows packing different types of products in various configurations, and time saving, as format-changeover operations are noticeably facilitated.




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