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A completely automatic reel changing system

The best way to save time and film

Baumer constantly focuses on its customers' exigencies and on their need for means helping them to facilitate and to fasten their work.  As a result, Baumer has conceived and patented an innovative automatic reel changing system without film welding and that is adaptable to high and medium-speed shrinkwrappers.

This special device extraordinarily favours the customer in terms of saving both of time and of raw materials. 
In particular, it makes it possible to increase efficiency of 4-5% while reducing the film wasting up to 15%. Actually, the operator can replace the ended reel during production in total comfort and with simple operations. Even the printed film phasing is made automatically and with no waste. The automatic reel changing system is also equipped with a double film cutting and unwinding system.  Finally, the bottles' accumulation on the conveyor belt can be drastically reduced thanks to the machine's high reliability during the reel's changeover.

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